Paul Klipp

CEO at Kanbanery.com and Founder of Lunar Logic

Shortly introduce yourself to the #OMGKRK community

As the founder of Lunar Logic, I spent over a decade building startups for other people and now at Kanbanery.com, I'm building one for myself.

Tell us a little bit about what you do for a living.

My time is spent doing customer development at Kanbanery. For a living, I'm an investor, writer, and trainer, as well as a startup founder.

What drives you to do what you do everyday? Tell us a little bit about your inspiration and what motivates you to do the things you do.

The best thing about running a startup is that every day is a challenge. There are more things than can possibly be done, and I have to choose those which will have the greatest impact. I love that challenge.

In what way can we find out online if someone has interest to connect?

'm @paulklipp on Twitter, and I also tweet about Kanban from @kanbanery and about design from @UXwithPaul.

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