Romeo Man


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I'm Romeo, known for sure for these 3 things among my connections.

1. New Technology ' Productivity Seeker

2. Online Advertising ' Sales

3. Social Entrepreneurship Evangelist :)

Tell us a little bit about what you do for a living.

I like to say that I help organizations tell their story. Stories that help people enhance their lives.

I worked in sales and organization development in companies like DHL, Electrolux, Premier Farnell and TMI in India, Hungary, Turkey and Romania ( my native country)

Today I help business with all the knowledge I have from corporate and international experience to improve their online sales.

What drives you to do what you do everyday? Tell us a little bit about your inspiration and what motivates you to do the things you do.

I like this topic.

I am an Alumna of AIESEC, where I found the answer to this question. It is more like a personal vision.
'I am a change agent that supports social entrepreneurship and creates job opportunities for artisans, craftsmen, and small business by helping them tell their story online.'

In what way can we find out online if someone has interest to connect?

Best way is my site: https://man.digital

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